Graffiti Solutions’ Management Team comprises individuals with very specific skill sets. We make these people available to you as professional consultants with many years’ of graffiti management (and specialist coatings) history of success.

When planning for graffiti management it is essential to consider and to incorporate a variety of site-specific, tailor-made graffiti reduction and prevention initiatives. Graffiti Solutions provides a way forward in the delivery of graffiti vandalism control.

Whether it’s graffiti control, graffiti coatings, or specialist coatings for remedial and heritage work, we have an expert on hand.


Steve Harris - Principal

Steve has been Managing Director of Graffiti Solutions since 1997, taking the company to the forefront of the graffiti management and control industry in New Zealand.

Using his qualifications and experience in company management and property management, Steve is often called on to provide advice and consulting services to a diverse range of organisations.

Within Graffiti Solutions, Steve demonstrates his proactive approach to management by working with each client in a ‘partnering’ management style.  That means, as a client, you are kept informed of your contract’s progression and programme; and, if you have any queries, the management team is only a phone call away.


Tim Smith - General Manager

Tim has had over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry and has been with Graffiti Solutions since 2005. Tim has extensive experience in the protection and cleaning of fragile substrates.

He has completed both internal and external management courses relating to the implementation of Company Safety, Environmental and Quality Policies – he is responsible for their development and implementation.  He is our “Environmental Champion” and has acted as Graffiti Solutions Ltd’s Traffic, Safety, Quality and Environmental Manager for many of our largest on-going contracts.

Tim is responsible, in conjunction with the Contracts Manager, for the day-to-day running of Graffiti Solutions Ltd.  He has a wide knowledge of all manual and management operations and his relaxed style means clients feel comfortable about phoning him any time they have a query concerning their company’s graffiti management.


Robyn Scott - Manager

Robyn has been with Graffiti Solutions Ltd since 1997. Over that time she has progressed from being in charge of administrative duties to Office Manager. She is also responsible for running several large contracts, including the Auckland Motorway Alliance and CAF.

Robyn is responsible for day to day scheduling of graffiti removal jobs and ensuring all follow-up reporting is completed and issued to customers promptly. She also manages many of our HR functions and accounts receivable and payable.


Ann has been with Graffiti Solutions since 2009. Her main focus is working with architects, engineers, developers and construction companies to ensure that the correct, most cost-effective graffiti protection systems are specified.

Ann is also responsible for pricing protection options to tenderers and passing on contractors’ information to Graffiti Solutions’ Operation Team.

As our Specifier Representative, Ann is available for tailored presentations relating to graffiti protection to architects and other industry groups.


Chris Bennett - Contracts Manager Pre-Delivery / Technical Manager

Chris has over 35 years’ experience in the industrial coatings industry in a variety of management roles.  He has been with Graffiti Solutions since 1994. This expertise has enabled Chris to develop many of the advanced graffiti control methodologies employed by Graffiti Solutions.

As Contracts Manager, Chris has overseen many of our larger projects including contracts on public assets, motorway networks, and for private companies throughout New Zealand.

Chris liaises closely with our Specifier Representative to identify and propose appropriate Coatings Systems for individual clients. He also is responsible for providing samples and testing systems for new substrates.

Chris is proactive in seeking out new products and systems to continually upgrade the services we offer, ensuring Graffiti Solutions Ltd continues to be a market leader in the field of graffiti prevention and control.


Neil Copeland - Contracts Manager Delivery

Neil joined Graffiti Solutions in 2017 as a Contracts Manager having worked in the construction industry since 2005, running small to large scale residential and commercial projects. Having grown up on a dairy farm in the heart of the Waikato his ingenuity and practical approach ensure smooth running of all his projects.

In discharging his projects Neil is responsible for planning and scheduling, time and cost estimating, risk analysis documentation, quality control and assurances as well as all aspects of Health & Safety.

Neil works closely with the specifier representative as well as the technical manager to ensure the job methodology is agreed with the field technicians and scope is completed in line with the specification and the customers expectations.


Cesar Semle

Originally from Argentina, Cesar is a fully (NZ) Qualified Painter and Specialist-Coatings Applicator.

He manages projects all over the South Island from Christchurch HQ.

Cesar has Elevated Work Platfom and Supervisor Qualifications from SiteSafe. He also has STMS Level 2 & 3 (NP) and a current First Aid Cetificate. He has had extensive experience on Motorway projects both prior to opening and during construction.


Therese has had over 15 years’ experience in the glass protection industry and has been manager of GSL Glassguard since 2008, a sister company to Graffiti Solutions Limited.

She has been instrumental in developing innovative protection systems and leading film systems, including printed laminates which have been widely used on bus and railway platform shelters.

Therese is proactive in running GSL Glassguard, with a hands-on, practical approach to all facets of the business. Attention to detail coupled with a strong customer satisfaction focus has resulted in strong growth and industry profile.