Nothing speaks louder about a building and its environs than graffiti and graffiti shadowing. The negative effects of graffiti are far-reaching and exponentially damaging. Graffiti Solutions takes a holistic view to graffiti control. To that end, we offer premium, cost-effective technologies and methodologies.

To make it easy for specifiers to get the best results, Graffiti Solutions is committed to supplying architects, engineers and designers with the most up-to-date information about our anti-graffiti coatings and services.

As sole NZ agents, we proudly supply and apply the leading Guardian systems that are highly developed, warranted  systems, tailored to all manner of substrates.

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We also include the specifications for the most common substrates we encounter. They are included in a downloadable Word Document format to enable cut and paste of relevant information.

If you require a solution outside of this scope, please contact us to discuss the best options.

Regardless, we strongly recommend that you discuss every project with us first-hand and before-hand, as there are many intervening variables in the selection of a system and we may be able to offer a more suitable alternative. Also, some substrates are resistant to graffiti and we can alert you to this fact early on.

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