Surfaces we Protect


Nothing speaks louder about a building and its environs than graffiti and graffiti shadowing.

The negative effects of graffiti are far-reaching and exponentially damaging. Graffiti Solutions takes a holistic view to graffiti protection.

To that end, we offer premium, cost-effective, anti-graffiti technologies and methodologies.

As sole New Zealand agents, we proudly supply and apply the leading Guardian Graffiti systems that are highly developed, warranted systems, tailored to all manner of surfaces.

We have a number of very efficient graffiti removal systems. Where necessary, we start with the mildest and progress through to the strongest.

The substrates prone to graffiti attack that we are most likely to encounter are: –

  • Painted Concrete
  • Painted Steel
  • Painted Timber
  • Painted Brick and Block
  • Glass Doors, Windows, Balustrades
  • Vinyl Signs, Billboards & Banners
  • Bare Concrete
  • Cementitious Render
  • Bare Timber
  • Bare Brick and Block
  • Natural Stone
  • Stainless and Galvanised Steel

While we cannot guarantee to remove every bit of graffiti from unprotected surfaces, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have New Zealand’s premium graffiti management company on your side!

The good news is, we have a custom-made graffiti protection system for all of the above substrates. Once we’ve restored your asset to its former glory, we can protect it against future acts of vandalism, making graffiti easy to remove.

If you require a solution outside of this scope, please contact us to discuss the best options.

Surfaces we Protect