Graffiti Vandalism Control


As New Zealand’s leading Graffiti Management company we have many, many years’ experience in identifying graffiti hot-spots and how best to strategically manage them in the most cost-effective, proficient way.

Public spaces need to be accessible to the community, thus leaving them open to graffiti vandalism. Sports grounds, arenas, car parks, schools, motorways, rail corridors, train stations, bus shelters and the like are all particularly vulnerable.

We initially consider the following options as deterrents to graffiti crime – Access Denial, Vegetation Screening, Lighting and Security. Should these options not be practicable, protection for the vulnerable surfaces such as fences, walls and glass may be required.

We can visit your site and make recommendations for the best long-term solutions to graffiti vandalism. These recommendations may include any of the above deterrents or a combination of options including anti-graffiti coatings.

Graffiti Solutions attended to removals of aged graffiti from Kiwi Rail assets on behalf of Auckland Transport.

There are specialised systems designed to protect all manner of substrates and glass from graffiti vandalism. In the case of substrates, these coatings may be permanent or sacrificial.

Guardian Anti-Graffiti Coating can be pigmented to match any colour, or as a clear coat. It is permanent and can withstand hundreds of attacks.

For use on porous surfaces Guardian Graffiti Shield is a highly unobtrusive, sacrificial coating that is removed with steam and then the affected area is reinstated. It is water-vapour transmissible (breathable) and ideal for instances where moisture needs to egress the substrate.

Glass-etch protection is a sacrificial film that can be replaced once badly etched. Security laminate films are sacrificial once they have been breached.

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