Graffiti Protection, Graffiti Removal & Aesthetic Work


At Graffiti Solutions Ltd, we provide a full graffiti protection, graffiti removal and graffiti management service for commercial buildings and infrastructure assets.
As New Zealand’s leading graffiti control and graffiti removal company, we oversee the graffiti management of some of our country’s largest organisations and companies including NZTA, Auckland Transport (AT), Fulton Hogan, Downer, Fletchers, University of Auckland and various City and District Councils. We work on large public spaces so our technologies and methodologies must stand up to public scrutiny at the highest level. We offer a Premium service throughout New Zealand.

As coatings specialists, we also offer Restoration and Remedial Services and systems. Graffiti Solutions is highly experienced in cleaning, removal and control of biological growth, removal of old coatings and reinstatement of protective coatings.

Our quality workmanship is unmatched…our range of systems unrivalled.

See the boxes below to find out more about our Graffiti Management and Specialist Coatings Services.

Graffiti Vandalism Control

Graffiti Solutions is New Zealand’s leading graffiti control specialist.

Over the years we have developed sophisticated solutions to protect assets and to minimise the frequency of attacks and the costs of managing graffiti vandalism.

Restoration & Rectification

Heritage Restoration is very specialised work and knowledge of specific substrate behaviour is pivotal to the correct methodologies used to restore, protect and maintain it. Over the years, our Heritage Division has been an Expert Heritage Consultant to main contractors, architects and councils delivering best outcomes in remedial and restoration work across many projects.

Graffiti Protection Systems

Graffiti Solutions provides a comprehensive range of world-leading protective coatings designed to allow fast and easy removal of graffiti without damage to the substrate.

For every surface that is vulnerable to graffiti attack, we are confident that we can offer a compatible anti-graffiti coating.

Cleaning & Remedial Work

The visual, reputational and financial ramifications of aesthetically-poor surfaces can be huge. Graffiti Solutions has extensive experience in the cleaning and sealing of concrete, plaster, brick and natural stone. For example:

Rust stains
Construction damage
Site contamination
Environmental damage

Graffiti-Free Guarantee

The Premium graffiti vandalism insurance. For a risk-adjusted, competitively priced annual charge, we will tailor-make a Graffiti Management Plan to best suit your needs.

We can provide an on-call service through to a 24/7 surveillance plan with unlimited call-outs. You’ll benefit from predictable annual fees coupled with a premium graffiti maintenance service.

GSL Glassguard - Our Sister Company

GSL Glassguard offers unique solutions and has successfully protected and maintained high-risk areas of glass and Polycarbonates for many diverse clients for over 10 years. They offer:

Graffiti Protection Films
Solar Films
Security Films
Customised Printable Films