Graffiti Protection Systems

Commonly Used Graffiti Protection Systems

We only use the best, proven systems sourced world-wide from specialist manufacturers. Utilising the most cost-effective method for each situation, we recommend different methods of protection for each asset based on a risk/frequency equation and the specific substrate characteristics.

We have a range of proven anti-graffiti systems from different suppliers around the world and access to a specialist coatings research and development laboratory. Failures of graffiti protection are frequently a result of inappropriate system selection and application.

Examples of our two most-widely used graffiti protection systems are:-

  • Guardian Graffiti Shield
  • Guardian Anti-Graffiti Coatings – Clear or Pigmented to any colour (Solvent or Water-Based options.)

Guardian Graffiti Shield

Guardian Graffiti Shield is a high-quality sacrificial protective coating. It provides unobtrusive protection for stone, brick, and concrete surfaces while allowing the egress of moisture and salts.


Suitable for porous surfaces including:

  • Natural Stone
  • StoneStrong
  • Keystone
  • Allan Block
  • Concrete
  • Clay Brick and Tile
  • Selected Fibre Cement Board Systems


  • Remains effective for over ten years
  • Quick drying time means almost immediate graffiti resistance
  • Highly unobtrusive
  • Allows water-vapour transmission
  • UV resistant; non-yellowing
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Water repellent
  • Reduces absorption of pollutants by porous surfaces
  • Clear, matt finish
  • Graffiti removal using low-pressure hot water
  • Ten-year warranty

Guardian Anti-Graffiti Coatings

Guardian Anti-Graffiti coatings are permanent (non-sacrificial) coatings which offer long-term protection from graffiti and environmental damage.   Numerous removals of graffiti over a period of years will not damage the protective coating or the underlying substrate.


Guardian Anti-Graffiti Coatings are suitable for most non-porous surfaces, including:

  • Painted surfaces, including painted concrete
  • Plastics / Metal / Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Signs / Banners


  • Permanent coatings
  • Quick drying time means almost immediate graffiti resistance
  • Available in 2000 colours, or clear
  • Exceedingly resistant to graffiti and solvents
  • UV resistant; non-yellowing
  • Abrasion, chemical, mould and salt-air resistant
  • Anti-carbonation certified
  • ISO 9002 manufactured
  • Gloss, satin or matt finishes
  • Easy and quick graffiti removal using Guardian Graffiti remover
  • Durable coating allows for multiple removals over many years
  • Simple cleaning of mould and pollution


  • Totika
  • Environment 14001
  • Health & Safety 45001
  • Quality ISO 9001