Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Graffiti Solutions operate in?

Graffiti Solutions applies coatings all over New Zealand. We have two North Island Operations based in Auckland & Wellington and a South Island Operation based in Christchurch. With regard to graffiti removal, it may be more cost-effective for you to employ a local contractor if the removals are outside of these areas. Talk to us.

Do you have different anti-graffiti Coatings for different substrates?

Yes. Please see these specific substrates and the correct coating under our Architects and Specifiers page. Basically, Graffiti Solutions can protect timber, metal, concrete, brick, block, stone, signs, vinyl banners, fibre cement boards and rendered surfaces. We are happy to trial best graffiti protection and performance on new substrates.

Do you have a pigmented anti-graffiti coating that I can use instead of paint?

Yes. We have Guardian Anti-Graffiti Coatings which can be clear or as an anti-graffiti paint – pigmented to match any colour.

Which is the best graffiti proof sealer?

Always choose the Guardian systems and refer to our Architects and Specifiers page to reference your substrate; be it metal, wood, concrete, brick, block or stone. Outside of the nominated substrates on the Architects and Specifiers page, talk to us. Some substrates (such as stainless steel and glazed tiles) are resistant to graffiti and don’t need protecting. Using the correct methods graffiti can be removed from unprotected surfaces such as stainless steel and glazed tiles.

Do you have any products for anti-vandalism to glass?

Yes. Our sister company, GSL Glassguard, offers comprehensive solutions for both protecting glazing and maintaining it against glass-etching and vandalism. See their website

What do you recommend for graffiti removal?

If the vandalised surfaces have been properly protected against graffiti attack, it should be relatively simple to remove the offending graffiti. However, it is a specialised process and incorrect methodologies and technologies can result in the substrate being compromised. Talk to us and we can offer the best solution for the circumstances. We have different graffiti removers for specific requirements.

What is the best way to clean graffiti from painted steel?

If the surface has had an anti-graffiti coating applied, it should be relatively simple to remove using the correct methodology and technology. If it hasn’t been protected, then it’s a different matter. Talk to out technical team and we can make a recommendation.

I have a project that involves a number of different substrates. Which graffiti protective coatings do I apply to the following?

  • Bare Brick
  • Bare Schist
  • Painted Precast concrete

We have substrate-specific specifications which you can link from our website on our Architects and Specifiers page. Alternatively, we can write a specification for you. Just send your documents to us.