Protect Ellerslie Acoustic Barrier

Guardian Anti-Graffiti Paint provides an eye-catching solution to graffiti vandalism.

The Ellerslie Acoustic barrier project was initiated by the local community and the Transport Agency in an effort to mitigate the effects created by over 100,000 vehicles travelling on this section of the southern motorway. The project consists of nearly 1km of acoustic barrier, comprising two hundred and thirty-three 3m high panels which have varied extrusion depths between 30mm and 60mm.

The result was a seamless piece of infrastructure that reflects the rich history of the area and responds to the overall road corridor, complementing road structures, landscape and roadscape. It was developed in collaboration with the Transport Agency, local iwi group, GHD, Maanaki, White Landscapes and Novare Design.

The narrative of the design draws from the area’s history of early Maori settlers, who used waka as their main form of transportation. As such, the motorway might metaphorically be thought of as an awa (river), with the tiki, tuatara and takarangi elements symbolising spiritual warning and protection to travellers using the motorway.

Construction of the acoustic barrier project was done by Fulton Hogan John Holland Joint Venture (JV Rail) and Oxcon/CLL, with pre-cast panel production completed by Wilco and Preco pre-cast suppliers.

While production was underway, Graffiti Solutions, painted the walls with Guardian Anti-Graffiti Paint which was carefully colour-matched to the bold blue/green colour scheme.

Guardian Anti-Graffiti Paint can be colour-matched to any colour and has a warranty of five years, during which time any number of removals can be done without damaging the finish. It is available in Matt, Clear and Gloss finishes. This particular project required a matt finish.

The social impact on the neighbours (adjoining motorway properties) has been drastic. The noise levels have reduced to such an extent that conversations can now be had without shouting or speaking loudly. Residents have approached the contractors and the Transport Agency to express gratitude as the acoustic barrier has drastically improved their quality of life and how they interact within their property.