Bare, Decorative Concrete

Bare, Decorative Concrete That Requires A Flat Finish

The nominated principal specialist Contractor (Graffiti Solutions Ltd) shall apply specialist, environmentally & structurally friendly anti-graffiti coatings to bare concrete panels or bare blockwork surfaces.

The surfaces will be protected with 1 coat of Guardian Water-based Primer followed by 2 coats of Guardian Water-based, Anti-Graffiti Permanent Coating, Clear. Available in Matt or Satin Finish.

These coatings shall be applied and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure validity of their warranties.

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Specifications, available for download, are provided in both Word Document and PDF format for specifiers’ convenience. However, we strongly recommend that you discuss with us your requirements first-hand as there are many intervening variables in the selection of a system and we may be able to offer a more suitable alternative.

Click here to download Graffiti Solutions Specifications (PDF)

Click here to download Graffiti Solutions Specifications (Word Doc)